Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Dream World

I wish my library had IM. It would make my job so much more steamlined. Imagine this:

Scenario A)
The patron comes in and asks a question. I have a vague idea of what he is looking for, but I think that a subject specialist would be helpful at this point. I look at IM list and see who's online at the main library. I see that the Business Ref desk is available. I IM them. They IM me back with a hyperlink to a specific resource. I print the resource out as well as email the patron the page. The patron hugs me and tells me how useful libraries are.

Scenario B)
A phone call comes in for a specific person. No one is sure where the person is, but we notice she is logged onto IM. We IM her and tell her that she has a phone call. Hmmm.. Maybe this works, maybe not.

Scenario C)
We distribute marketing and information to the world that we offer IM reference! Patrons add us to their buddy list, and they EMAIL US AT THE POINT OF NEED!!! No way! OK. I'll stop dreaming now...

To continue in this vein:

This was a great post from Tame the Web, Michael Stephen's blog, about how libraries use IM.

OK. I must leave my imaginary world to do some homework...

I am reading Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.... mmmm.... If only I could be the pigeon!

I LOVE the pigeon.

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